|     Client: Student work
|     Objective: Rebrand an existing NYC-based brand
|     Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Paper, Paint
" Murray's bagels a worldwide famous bagel shop with
  the mission to "introduce NYC best bagels to the new 
  generation". The re-branding gives the brand a fresher
  and more playful look to achieve their mission. The
  updated look also lets the brand stand out from the
  other, traditional-looking, bagel shops in NYC."
" Instead of using a classical serif typeface, the new logo 
  has gotten an updated look and feel by using a slab serif. 
  The geometric typeface, combined with a lot of of inter-
  letterspacing and lowercase letters, makes the logo look
  modern. This while still maintaining the rustic and
  industrial feel the shops have.

  The logo-mark can stand alone or with type as well. It 
  is easy recognizable, can be applied to several different 
  applications, and in that way it gets a life on its own."

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