|     Client: Student work
|     Objective: Create 3 triptychs for a symposium addressing a social cause. One by using a metaphor, one by typography, and one by manipulation of symbols.
|     Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign
" Three poster triptychs for the same symposium
   about gender inequalities in the work field.
   The triptychs are using three different design
   approaches to communicate the same information." 

  Triptych one - Metaphor (18"x24") x 3
" Here using the Buddhist Goddess Guan Yin - the Goddess
  of Mercy that “hears the cries from everyone” as my
  metaphor. There is story about her hearing so many cries
  from unhappy people that when she tried to reach out to
  them, her arms shattered. When the Buddha Amitabha
  saw this he instead gave her a thousand arms so she
  could continue reach out to the ones in need. The story 
  represents the symposium perfectly - as is an initiative
  made by women, reaching out to other women in need
  fighting for equality."  
 Triptych two - Typography (18"x24") x 3
" Here using a conceptual approach by playing with the
  word "bright" and its different meanings. By using a
  neon sign where the "S" is not illuminated, the word spells
  out "He" instead of "She". This is reflecting how women
constantly overhsone by men in the work-field and
  how that implies that women are not smart enough. " 
 Triptych three - Manipulation of Symbols (24"x18") x 3
" Here manipulating the equal-sign by using it to represent
  something else. In this context, it instead becomes a
  symbol representing conversation and courage to speak
  up about the ongoing work-inequalities women are still
  facing today " 

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